Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

If you need to know where your vehicle is right now, what your drivers are doing, how much mileage your vehicle does each day, month, or year. This is the complete fleet management and vehicle tracking solution for you. We provide real-time monitoring, detailed route histories, email and smartphone app alerts and the ability to access a full online history of everywhere your vehicles been, from your PC or smartphone.



Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking provides live and updated information. Being able to see exactly where your vehicles or assets are live all the time creates efficiency, directing the closest driver to deliveries. the ability to see a vehicle as it moves on a map in real-time lets you know exactly when a driver has deviated from their route or is lost. You can call them immediately to correct any unusual behaviour.



Stolen Vehicle Recovery

This is an optional extra and is run by Beame recovery.  Nation-wide network coverage – this device works anywhere in South Africa



Real-time Tracking


Detailed Reporting

SMS, Email & Screen Alerts

Online Mapping

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